Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most important service for my vehicle?
The most important service for every vehicle is to change the oil every 3000 miles.

How often does my vehicle need a tune-up?
Annual Maintenance is recommended. Check your owners manual for filter and spark plug maintenance.

When my brakes are squeaking what should I do?
Brake inspection recommended.

What should I do when my air conditioner doesn't blow cold anymore?
You need Air Conditioner inspection. System probably needs freon.

Check Engine light in my car has turned on what should I do?
Herrington Auto can provide you with a computerized diagnostic check to determine the problem.

My vehicle is leaking fluid what should I do?
Top off all fluids and bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

When should Anti - Freeze be replaced?
It is recommended that Anti-Freeze be replaced every 2 years. Though the Anti Freeze may look good, corrosion inhibitors do wear out.
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